Zoned Dough® + Bamboo Charcoal

Size: Queen
Sale price$119.00



Using a pillow that properly contours to your head and neck is essential for good sleep, which is what our Zoned Dough pillows are tailored to do. The uniquely zoned design gently molds to and cradles your head to offer supportive relief you’ll love. Choose one of our three premium infusions to really take your sleep to the next level.

Zoned Technology™

Designed with a soft center region to cradle your head and firmer edges to cushion your neck, this pillow helps align your spine for pain-free sleep.

Cushioning Comfort

Dough memory foam firmly supports your head and neck to give you contouring relief from the aches, pains, and tension inhibiting your sleep.

Pick Your Infusion

Find the infusion that’s right for you. Hypoallergenic bamboo charcoal absorbs moisture and odors for clean sleep, calming lavender soothes your body and mind, and cooling gel regulates your body temperature.

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