Smartlife Lendall

Size: Queen
Sale price$5,599.00


No more compromises!  With the SmartLife mattress, both you and your sleep partner will each get the perfect combination of support and comfort, even if you have different sleep positions or preferences.

  • Each of you can select your preferred comfort setting for your own side of the mattress, ranging from firm to soft.
  • Our patented body-sensing technology makes sure each of you get the individualized and adaptive support your unique body type needs.
  • Even if you move or turn in your sleep, the SmartLife mattress senses your movements and silently adapts the support to suit your position.
  • Even if your body changes over time…gain weight, lose weight, get pregnant, undergo surgery…no matter what happens, your SmartLife mattress will adapt to your needs and provide the perfect combination of support and comfort.

SmartLife – the mattress that fits you perfectly every night for the rest of your life. 

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