LuxeBreeze Soft

Size: Twin XL
Sale price$5,099.00


SmartClimate® Cover

Our patented removable, machine-washable, and cool-to-the-touch cover, with heat-absorbing fibers that draw heat away from the body for cooling comfort.

- High-Stretch Performance Panel: Lightweight, breathable, and designed to enhance the pressure-relieving power of your mattress.
- Cool-to-the-Touch Removable Cover: Pulls away heat to instantly feel cool and includes a convenient 360-degree zipper, allowing the cover to be easily removed and reattached

Heat-Diffusing Layer

This exclusive technology in TEMPURBreeze® mattresses is added to the top of our PureCool® Plus material to work together with the Ventilated Advanced Relief® material, to help absorb excess heat throughout the night and provide an enhanced cooling effect. 

Pure Cool® Plus Material

An enhanced version of Tempur-Pedic’s exclusive and innovative cooling material, designed to pull heat away from your body, so even the hottest of sleepers can stay cool—all night long. 

Hybrid Material (available only on Hybrid mattress)

This responsive material from Tempur-Pedic® is designed to provide easier movement in bed. Ventilated Advanced Relief® Material

Our one-of-kind pressure-relieving material from Tempur-Pedic®, enhanced with added ventilation for increased airflow—for deeper, more restful sleep. Hybrid Technology (available only on Hybrid mattress) 

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