Active Breeze

Size: Twin XL
Sale price$9,298.00


ProSmart® Air Base

The TEMPUR-Ergo® ProSmart® Air Base uses specially designed fans to quietly circulate cool or warm air directly from the base and up through the mattress for all-night comfort.

Air-Distributing Mattress

The patented TEMPUR-ActiveBreeze® hybrid mattress uses a dual-chambered air-distribution layer to gently and evenly distribute cool or warm air across your entire body.

Personalized Climate

Using the remote or Sleeptracker-AI® app, each sleeper can personalize their sleep climate by choosing from three levels of cooling or the active bed-warming feature.

SmartClimate® Air Cover

Our patented removable, machine-washable, and cool-to-the-touch cover, with heat-absorbing fibers that draw heat away from the body for cooling comfort.

Ventilated TEMPUR® Comfort Layer

A layer of infinitely-adaptable TEMPUR-Material™, that works with the other layers of the mattress to provide all-night support and consistent airflow.

Ventilated Advanced-Relief® Support Layer

Our most pressure-relieving TEMPUR-Material™ that precisely adapts to the unique contour of your body to provide maximum comfort.

Hybrid Technology Air-Distribution Layer

A unique, breathable layer that allows air to evenly disperse throughout the mattress to keep your body cool all night long.

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